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Hi, I found this flint fossil on the beach at Taddiford Gap, Hants and I'm intrigued by it.

On very close inspection it seems to be bone, and has the honey-comb structure of bone, but I can't think what part of an animal skeleton it comes from!

It appears to be a round, slightly convex (or concave) disc with no sign of the bone being broken other than the wearing on the 'top' and where the side is worn to show the honeycomb structure. The concave side has channels, presumably for blood vessels to feed the bone.

I'm stumped! If anyone has any ideas or answers, I'd be grateful.

Thank you

bone fossil.jpg 


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I think it is a sponge
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Hello Peter and welcome to the forum. This is a sponge that looks to be fossilised in flint eroded from the chalk further round the coast and is 80 - 85 million years old. It looks like Porosphapatelliforisera.
Colin Huller
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Thanks Richard and Colin. 

My first sponge!

(If it's ok with you Colin, I'll just refer to it as a sponge, I'll never remember Porosphapatelliforisera [wink]. but thanks for the info 😉 )


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