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Hi, I'm new to this forum and would love some help to ID a strange rock I picked up recently from Saltwick Bay near Whitby.  It has some strange black protusions showing where the surrounding rock has worn away.  I'm not sure if this is bone, wood or something else.  If bone, what could it be?  I've attached photos.


 IMG_0631.jpg  IMG_0630.jpg  IMG_0629.jpg  IMG_0628.jpg  IMG_0627.jpg
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Not bone or wood but can't tell you what it is so going to go with other! Someone will know better than me.

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Technology moves on, there are an increasing number of new devices that the forum does not function on as it's now very old tech having reversed the last change a few years ago. If things did not move on we would all be still using Windows Version 1 and have phones with button keys.

As per the opening forum note we are testing alternative themes as the old one has code no longer supported by some browsers hence why we have no choice but to upgrade the theme.

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Dirty Pete
I'd go for iron rich nodule/concretion.

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That's interesting, thanks very much!
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