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Whilst in Robin Hood's Bay I came across the item shown in the attached photograph. Might this be something other than just a piece of rock that happens to shaped in a tooth-like fashion?
Thanks in advance.
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Hi, not a tooth I'm afraid. Just a tooth shaped rock.
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Barrow Museum
You are right in that it is a piece of rock!
A tooth would look like, well,  a tooth - hard, shiny enamel, sharp tip or edge and normally very dark in colour, black or brown.  Of course, if they are tumbled around in the shore pebbles, they can be a bit eroded, but the principle is the same.  In the Lower Jurasic shales around Robin Hood's Bay, you might come across fossil shark/ray teeth (which they shed through life, so fairly abundant) but they tend to be rather small or bigger, fossil marine reptile bones and teeth commonly 5cm or more long, from Ichthyosaurs, Plesiosaurs or primitive crocodilians.  When you do find one, you won't be mistaken as they are very distinctive and stand out from the rock matrix.  I attach a couple of examples.  The fish ones are actually from the Rhaetic bone bed, just below the earliest Jurassic, but the same sorts of fish persisted up into the Jurassic.

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Thank you both for confirming my thoughts. Also I found the information and photographs very interesting. Best wishes. Phil.
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