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Jordan Haynes
Hi all

I am new to fossil hunting with this weekend being my second week out since a kid.  I believe i have been really lucky searching at Aust Cliff in South Gloucestershire and got some good finds but any help with IDs would be greatly appreciated.  The only one im pretty certain about is the vertebrae being ichthyosaur and from my google searches appears to be a good example.  20200824_120524.jpg  20200824_120530.jpg  20200824_120542.jpg  20200824_120550.jpg  20200824_120607.jpg  20200824_120612.jpg  20200824_120616.jpg  20200824_120623.jpg  20200824_120629.jpg  20200824_120634.jpg  20200824_120659.jpg  20200824_120708.jpg               
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Dirty Pete
Hi Jordan, reckon you've been more than lucky........
I'm intrigued by #1, can't make out much detail but the general shape reminds me of a Pachystropheus vert, might be worth trying to ping off some of the surrounding matrix with a pin to better define the shape. Here's a pic to give you an idea what I mean, took me 30+ years to find one................
Here's some suggestions....2 indeterminate bone, 3  fish scale, 5 Broken end of a Pachystropheus limb bone.

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Matthew Myerscough
Very nice finds, No. 4 is particularly good specimen as you have identified, well done!
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