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Hi all. My daughter and I have been fossil hunting down in pembrokeshire. We've found a few of what we think are fossils and would like help identifying/ confirming them. Sorry but no scale available on first 2 pics. But I've provided my best estimate.

20200810_135226.jpg  Pic 1. Those dots are approx. 5-7mm in size. Found on Freshwater west.
20200810_135304.jpg  Pic 2. Found on freshwater west. The 2 long markings near the horseshoe shape were approx 25-35mm long. 

20200810_205950.jpg Pic 3. Found on Freshwater east beach. Penny coin added for comparisson.

Any help on identifying these is much appreciated from this total beginer.
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Dirty Pete
This stuff looks like Carboniferous Limestone. Pic 1 is a colonial coral, maybe Siphonodendron, Pic 2 sections through broken bivalve/brachiopod shells. Pic 3 a section through a small solitary coral, something like Dibunophyllum.

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