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Excel Gil
Hi All,
Please see attached which is totally different from all other finds so far, two metres down in Gault Clay, among lots of phosphatic nodules. It feels light like wood but when tapped against other stone items doesn't sound like wood. Nothing found like it over the past five years in my garden whereas everything else I have seen before. Like a doughnut but with the middle filled in but very concave. Looks man made but can't be as so far down and undisturbed soil.
Any help appreciated in identifying. (Only know the above thanks to Gary W Cambrian Rockhound).
Thanks lots. 
Andrew IMG_0946.jpg  IMG_0947.jpg  IMG_0948 (1).jpg  IMG_0949.jpg 
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Hello, I think you have found an ichtyosaurs vertebra; I do not know how rare these are in the Gault, but it is the first one I have ever seen from that period.

greets, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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Gary W
More likely to be a fish / shark vertebra especially given its size.
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Think it's shark or possibly fish
Colin Huller
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