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Nanna Sue
Found in blues lias boulder at Dunraven Bay Glamorgan yesterday. About 2 to 3 cms across excluding what appear to be “tentacles” protruding at the bottom. There were a mixture of other fossils in the rock. It was in a rock below the Jurassic cliffs on right hand side of the bay. I have cropped the photo.

Thank you for any help.

Sue Click image for larger version - Name: 173F6BA1-43E6-429C-9FBD-F56EFE50D7C7.jpeg, Views: 68, Size: 414.26 KB
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Gandalf the White
It looks like a shattered shell with some fracture marks around it on the rock however I cannot be sure due to the picture quality.
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Barrow Museum
How about it being an Oyster attached to an ammonite shell, where the ammonite has almost entirely been removed by erosion with just a small piece of imprint remaining or, depending on which way the light is coming onto the specimen, with most of the ammonite still buried in the rock?
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