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Looks like an inprint from a sponge on flint to me.

Regards to all who share the passion Mudbug
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Rock E

I found this specimen on the beach at Seaford East Sussex UK. Would
I be right in saying that it is the remains of a bivalve shell? Also would the
brown colouration have anything to do with the mineral iron? I would be very grateful
for any information as this rather insignificant little fossil is very dear to
me. ApproveThank you.

Seaford_1970_1.JPG Seaford_1970_2.JPG Seaford_1970_3.JPG Seaford_1970_1_v2.jpg 
John Patrick

Well Iƒ¢¢â€š¬¢â€ž¢ll be a monkeys uncle, or should that be nephew.   
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