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Lucy Cameron
Sorry for the mass posting. This is my last enquiry for the time being
This is my mother’s find in CO9 (Essex/Suffolk borders) and it has always puzzled her.
Always hopeful fo have found something exciting.
Thank you Click image for larger version - Name: C54156B5-934C-41CD-8C82-1F112875FEDF.jpeg, Views: 40, Size: 366.60 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 65C4B8AA-C8CA-4CBA-A447-708EA3738903.jpeg, Views: 47, Size: 394.19 KB Click image for larger version - Name: B8A03699-78A7-429C-97DA-057745D6DFC9.jpeg, Views: 40, Size: 362.95 KB
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Dirty Pete
I could be wrong but it looks like a fossil/sedimentary structure fragment that's been replaced by pyrite (FeS2). I think pyrite is quite a common mineral in the London Clay.
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