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Hi all. 
This is my first post on here and unfortunately it is one with a question.

I have only recently took up staring a stones and everything is a bit of an adventure. 

We have a long weekend coming up on the Wirral and I've done a bit or googling and haven't come up with anything of interest fossil or geologically based. So is there anywhere worth going to in the area?


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Morning Aiden

If you try Thurstaton beach you may find some erratics, there are shells and crinoids from the Welsh side that has been quarried out as a sea defence.

Go either left on the beach to the marsh or right to the boat yard from Thurstaton country park either side will give you something.  


Where are you Ichthyosaur.

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Thank you Gary. We are staying 2.5 miles from Thurstaton, so we will definitely be heading that way next week

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