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Robert B.
It's a belemnite. Even I can spot that ^^

Joking aside, might they not be phosphatised"nodules"? I've come across a few phosphatised ammonites in the Charmouth mudstones before that have have the same pale brown appearance. These tend to be somewhat crumbly if they have been exposed for any length of time, unfortunately. 

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Hi everyone,
A little help is needed with what this is. Down at Seatown found these collections of different coloured material in the clay. Im not sure what it is? many thanks for your help

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I think its iron staining from pyrites in the mudstone but could be wrong.



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Phileas fossilis
Could be coprolites. They have to end up somewhere.

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 Theyre burrows in the mudstone

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Naze Dave
I'd say infilled burrows, the lack of organic material would rule out coprolite to me.
Still Life
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