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very similar images posted on the fossil forum here:

I am not sure of the ID given - I think that Cochlichnus might be better.

interesting photo - thank you for posting!

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Hi all just back from India before we went I had trouble finding any info on what to find if I got chance, anyway in Haridwar I found a dact type ammonite in a shop that the shop keeper said came from Nepal. It was a river washed nodule, maybe next years holiday if I can persuade the wife. In Jaipur in the bazaar one of the shops had Moroccan trilobites and Madagascan ammonites, I asked about Indian fossils and he said we know where they are but if we get them there is no bail. The rocks around Jaipur looked pretty old and contained a lot of mica, there were plenty of ripple marked rocks but no fossils to be found, apart from what looked like invertebrate traces on just a few, any ideas ?
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hi, deerhunter, the ripple mark specialist on this forum, are rather to be found at the uk section of this forum, unfortunately.

I have never seen ripple marks like yours, and the wave pattern in between the ripples, might be trace fossils! it's always interesting, if somebody used "fossil containing stone" as building material. if you get no answer (I would like to know too) maybe I would pay of do, send a privat message to some of the dino specialists here, to have a look at your post.

copy nature!
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The ammonite was probably Blanfordiceras, a Neocomitidae of the Tithonian (Portlandian) period

Anywhere for little ammonites, twice as far for big ones!
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