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Hey all,

I had a look   for an introduction section but couldn't seem to find one. So I'm posting here instead haha.

I live in Ryhope, Sunderland. About half a mile walk from the beach. Walking my dog to/along the beach probably 2-3 days per week. I've found a few curious rocks, which I'm guessing are some sort of plant fossil?

I wouldn't consider myself a fossil collector or hunter. However, I could see myself getting more into it. I'm intrigued.

So, hello! Haha.

Photo's of my finds are attached. Id's are more than welcome.


Thanks all.
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They look like corals, at least the 4 smaller rocks. Probably Carboniferous
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Yeah. Just googled that and they look very similar.

Thank you. That's super cool.
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Hello,and welcome to the forum.
Despite the bedrock around the coast of Ryhope being of the Permian age (200 - 300 mya) your samples have been transported to your beach, probably by glaciers from an area of Caroniferous limestone, 300 - 400 mya. The 4 on the right all include sections of a coral called Lithostrotion.
The 5th piece is probably the same age, but may be Permian and are sections of shells.
I hope this helps and you continue to collect.
Colin Huller
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I will just have to smile and nod for most of that. But yes, it's certainly intresting.

Found one similar to those 4 today, which was around the size of my head. Would have loved it to put on display. But i think my back would have broke carrying it all the way home haha.
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Yes, those blocks can get heavy, even heavier when carried up steep cliffs...
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It's a demanding hobby. When my kids were young they collected Septarian Nodules which are the size, shape and weight of large cannonballs. More recently my wife took a liking to a block of shells similar to yours and wanted it for her garden. When I got it home after a mile walk to the car I found it weighed over 25 Kilos. It keeps you fit.

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Cool Running
welcome  to  the  forum,    So  many  members  ob  here   very  helpful  and  friendly

Looking  forward  to  seeing  more  of  your  lovely  finds
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