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Right, think I got off a bit on the bad foot before so before I go on - apologies to everyone for that (in my slight defence I was very ill!) - and I'd like to try again for a fresh start because this is a great resource!

I have here what I'm pretty sure is a slightly bashed up echinoid test with bryozoan encrustations, preserved in calcite, from the Culver Cliff chalk formations next to Whitecliff Bay. I'd love any input on a more detailed ID as I'd like to start organising my fossils in a bit more of a systematic labelled way rather than being tucked away in boxes.

My brief research online (especially using Robert Randall's wonderful site on chalk fossils) suggested to my untutored eyes it could be Conulus albogalerus, but my understanding of it is that these are more commonly found in chalk earlier than the very late Cretaceous Campanian chalk which I believe is found in this location (being as it then leads straight into Tertiary rocks). Also is there anyway of identifying these kind of bryozoans to at least family level or something?

Any of my assumptions along the right lines here or totally off base?

below.jpg   left_side.jpg  right_side.jpg  zClose_bryozoan1.jpg  zClose_bryozoan2.jpg  zClose_holdfast.jpg 
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as you say, a damaged section of Echinocorys scutata.
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