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Hi, I recently found this in my house. I believe I originally found it about 10 years ago on a beach most likely in the South of England. Any help in identifying if it's a fossil and if so what kind would be greatly appreciated!
KVk7lJ8m.jpg  mfI6A4Ic.jpg  NQcqrueN.jpg  SH4BstKl.jpg  SMoxSzB5.jpg
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Barrow Museum
It's not a body fossil, but probably is a flint burrow fill (as you think it came from the south coast).  So, it falls into the category of "Trace Fossils" - in other words, the impression of something living at the time that left some trace of its activity in the sediment.  Burrows of this size are usually reckoned to have been excavated by small shrimps, by analogy with similar instances today.  If it flint, then the shrimp was living around 80 million years ago.
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Hello and welcome to the forum. There isn't much more to say except that it is only a small part of what may have been a large burrow system If you look up 'chalk fossil burrows' it is quite interesting.
Colin Huller
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