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Hi All
I found this down Charmouth a few years ago but have never got round to seeing if it's worth getting prepped from the opposite side? If it is have anyone got any suggestions as to where to take it to be done? I'll be going back to Charmouth on the 15th and 16th of Feb so could bring it with me, the only downside is that I live a fair way away so not sure of the time it would take to be prepped.

Any suggestions would be fantastic.


Mark Click image for larger version - Name: DSC_5343.JPG, Views: 121, Size: 4.63 MB Click image for larger version - Name: DSC_5345.JPG, Views: 117, Size: 4.66 MB
Never mind the mud or the wind or tides its all part of the fun.
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Looks like it could be worth a try. Just google fossil preparation england and you'll find enough of them. There's always the post or other means of parcel transport.
Best wishes from the Lake of Constance. Roger.
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