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is this a concretion formation, with Limonite? It was found after deep excavation on a building site. It was in one piece but split probably due to it being exposed to the sun.

6F821269-4692-4C77-88D3-5B8C4154D29E.jpeg  6D44D9DA-3CEC-4B22-ADBE-966481F5DA76.jpeg  F4F76A5F-5953-443F-825F-8BD501501B12.jpeg  FDFE6273-CCB2-48F5-8206-7B837F5BDB1A.jpeg  B9C7D49F-FE53-438F-ABB1-A927899A8B70.jpeg  3967C376-DCE2-4801-A655-6A96C00187BB.jpeg  DEB736BE-68BD-4A59-8D26-1F3A34F63686.jpeg  8BB30AD0-8CE6-4779-9165-EA7CBB081901.jpeg  4EB55656-8465-40D8-BAD6-551D92B0C4CF.jpeg 
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Dirty Pete
Hi Wini1
Looks like a fossiliferous, ferruginous limestone cobble with an oxidised outer crust, looks a bit chalky in parts, also calcite crystals have formed in some of the bivalve voids. Could be a concretion but you'd need to see its relationship to the host rock to be sure, I guess its too late for that.....

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Hi, I agree with Pete.
Colin Huller
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