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Hi All, 

I'm completely new to fossil hunting but my Son is absolutely obsessed with Dinosaurs and on holiday with him this week I thought we could head to Pett Level.

After A LOT of rock turning I stumbled across an interesting rock and with a bit of water and some gentle prising I found what is in the image. I extracted the clay (at the bottom) and the shape of a head seemed to appear, I also think there are small fossilised bones towards the back of the rock element.

I'd welcome thoughts on it please as my Son is desperate to find out?

Many thanks in advance,

James DSC_0106.jpg 
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Chris G
Bit of a challenge without a picture ðŸ˜‰
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DSC_0106.jpgSorry, I thought i had uploaded a picture. Full length is probably about 2 inches
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Dirty Pete
Here's my theory for what it's worth......A small nodule that formed a hard outer crust through mineral segregation that subsequently broke in half and the central core fell out. The space left was subsequently filled by the soft light brown clay which you prised out. Sadly any resemblance to a 'head' is purely coincidental......

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It appears to be a broken iron rich concretion, sadly not a fossil. But don't be disheartened, if you can visit again you and your son should be able to see dino footprints in the rocks and large slabs on the foreshore between Pett and Fairlight cove. It may take a while to get your eye in, but they are fairly abundant along there. Be warned though the cliffs are as unstable as I've ever known them at the moment and very dangerous, stay well back. 
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