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Hello - My 8 year old son found this on West Shore beach Llandudno. We are use to seeing / finding shell fossils mainly here (on the Great Orme) but this one is a bit different than the usual types we spot. We don't have any experience or knowledge hence I thought I would ask the forum to confirm 🙂

He would like to know what this one is and a rough age / period. It looks like its been in the sea for some time and was found loose in a rock pool on the shore. I am wondering if this is typical for this area (Great Orme) or if it could have been washed up here?
Thanks for taking a look!
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I took a look on the Fossil Explorer app (Natural History Museum) and based on location it seems like: Dokophyllum subturbinatum. But I don't know if finding at the beach rather than the up on the Orme is significant:

Screenshot_20190918-095140_Fossil Explorer.jpg 

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Dirty Pete
I don't think you've got Silurian exposed nearby so suggest you google Zaphrentis which looks similar but could have originated from your local Carboniferous limestone (350 million +/- years).

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Yes , Carboniferous coral .
Colin Huller
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