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3F913E79-E8FB-4B1C-93E6-3AD5FBDA7B1B.jpeg  9DD965B3-675A-43AD-B2D6-0D4ED462101D.jpeg  235D3594-3783-4178-8AF2-CA517E0A9536.jpeg  5666A0BA-261B-4189-AC85-117EE214F448.jpeg  2E968BA8-5AE1-44AC-9207-070CC9B9C2B1.jpeg  595CE579-199B-45CC-84F2-0053B448E646.jpeg  FB8F8175-AF8E-419A-980E-BD7985C3F738.jpeg  22D7AA8E-3618-480C-A7F3-508523F75AD7.jpeg  FE05E9F7-5761-41AC-BFA7-319D87C001DC.jpeg 
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This appears to be just a mixed sediment stone. I can't really make out details well enough to know for sure if there is anything here. Where did you find it exactly?
- Brad
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