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In my mind this is some cool bone but it possibly is just an oddly shaped rock. Found at Charmouth. 20191129_210230.jpg  20191129_210237.jpg  20191129_210228.jpg  20191129_210222.jpg  20191129_210148.jpg 
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I'm pretty certain it is flint or slag rather than bone,
Colin Huller
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Although  this piece is the right sort of colour and shape to be a bone fragment, the conchoidal fractures (chipped glass effect) apparent in places, plus the random pitting of another area suggest a silicate flint nodule. Bone shows more regular patterning in the worn areas almost like a coarse weft cloth  in section (due to the spongey Haversion systems) and often shows small filled in fractures on the surface, and may be other shades than black, often rusty looking. Search images dinosaur bone to see more, and most importantly keep looking, you will make some good finds. Simon.
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