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Thanks Stu. Here are a couple of pics of the other side of the flat piece of bone and the neural canal of the larger vert. Cheers Jonback_of_flat_piece.jpg 
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Good day out on the IOW - great weather and some of the best beaches for fossils! Got a coiuple of verts plus some other bits and pieces. Would welcome any IDs especially the piece that looks like a claw. I have included a couple of different views. There don't seem to be any nail grooves but the end does not look like a 'break' off a larger bone. Thanks Jon

verts cleaned up
small limb bone?
flat bone
Claw - image 1 - ??
claw - image 2 - ??
claw - image 3 - ??
claw - image 4 - ??
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Lucky you, well done. Spent the week-end on the SW beaches, weather was stunning and had the place all for ourselves, but alas nothing of interest except for a few pieces of pyritised wood. At least now I know what we should have been looking for   

(Was that you I've met near Atherfield point around noon on Sunday?)
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Damn you did have a good day! I gotta get to the Isle of Wight some time soon. I want some Iggy bones. Lovely finds!
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The verts are really nice!

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Thanks all. Hi Andrasz, wasnt me at Atherfield - had a mid week trip. I recommend a visit to Dinosaur Farm on the Military Rd. A very keen and knowledgeable paleontologist Oliver Mattson is re-opening the museum and there's some good stuff beginning to be put on display. It will be nice to see a hands-on museum back up and running and its so close to the beaches so they can advise on any finds. Cheers. 
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Some great finds fossmeister!
IW is the place were our family holidays were, don't know why!
Well done on the finds.

Tabfish at the Waterside
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Welsh Wizard
Hi Fossmeister

Some nice finds there.

The ?? may be the top of a neural or the broken end of a theropod pubis. It's only an educated guess as I don't really know anything about IoW dinosaurs


"Whether you think you can or you think you can't, then you're probably right".......Henry Ford
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thanks for the comments. just manged to clean up and stick this dorsal vert neural arch together - it came out of three pieces of rock found close together in a rock pool. chances are its from iguanodon but someone out there might know better..
Posterior view
lateral view
Anterior view
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Good finds!

The small vert is a caudal from around two thirds of the way along the tail. The bigger vert is more interesting. Do you have a photo of the neural canal? That one looks more like a dorsal, or what I'm not sure, more pics might help.

Not sure about the others, but I don't think that's a claw. The flat bone looks interesting, what's the other side like. I think Welsh Wizard might be correct on the pubis, and the limb bone I'm not sure about. It's hard IDing bones with just pictures.

So basically as uncommittal as ever . .  .
I love VP. I love whelks.
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