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Hi all, new here.

Recently visited the Isle of wight and was successful finding a rock with some fossils but have no idea what they could be. These were all found in the same stone, one looks to be a spine of some sort (about 5 cm long),  next to it is some sort of squarish piece of bone or possibly an egg shell?

In another section of rock we also found some  patterns, dimperly like its possibly an imprint of skin?

Any help in identifying this would be much appreciated. Thank you

IMG_2264.jpg  IMG_2265.jpg  IMG_2269.jpg 

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From the chalk, a marine deposit, has a starfish arm and a fragment of an echinoid test (sea urchin)....bottom appears to be another echinoid fragment.
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Fantastic, many thanks for your help Rolo!
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Hi, the second fossil is a fragment of sponge (but might just be a bryozoan) would need to have a really close look under a hand lens to be sure.
Martyn H
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That brittlestar arm is a great find
Colin Huller
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