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AB4F14C6-FDD7-4CDA-8E82-8BB81CD7DBD8.jpeg  75E7EC08-9180-4F64-8E4D-2CBAFDF7CC9F.jpeg  B9056618-2E98-4C3E-B0E8-7C378D99EFF5.jpeg  Thanks for previous tips, I’m also using the app to identify fossils we are finding in streams with kids.

We came across this today (Kimmeridge Clay formation) but pretty sure it is a weirdly shaped stone.

Thought to check in with this forum. 

Top photo - side view
middle - top view
bottom - underside

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Brittle Star
I think it could be a sponge. See what others think.

 Never ask a star fish for directions
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I agree that it looks like a sponge, but to be honest, it looks to be preserved in flint and I haven't heard of flint in the Kinneridge clay, so could it have been found in a glacial deposit eroded out of the chalk and redeposited?
Colin Huller
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I agree it's a flint sponge, and won't be from the Kimmeridge Clay bedrock. There's plenty of flint in superficial deposits all over the place.
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Thanks all, I will read up on flint fossils, for some reason it strikes me as a weird rock to have them. 
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