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Hi everyone 
I thought I would share these fossils with you.
The first is a 6" pseudo the biggest I've ever found (not sure how big they get)
A nice double Dac
A section of Icthyosaur rostrum 
And a double Icthyosaur vert (a bit worn)
Thanks fir looking  6033FBAD-DBC9-44C0-A18A-D909E0D071B7.jpeg  DF2CD7A3-51FA-4988-A431-FD0372F0194D.jpeg  2CBA7C87-6979-4A60-8B0A-53BB8B87885C.jpeg  BE43FC59-B52A-4536-BA9B-6E1FA7539A1A.jpeg  B9ADD698-A7E0-491C-B6A4-C40FC1C7CB28.jpeg 
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Hi Rob, that Pseudo is a whopper; like the double athleticum; maybe the rostrum could do with a bit more prep( is it from PM? looks a lot like a bit I found at PM in 1993...same critter?
Verts same beasty? Looks like Bituminous shale(?)

greets, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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Yes Bert All PM
How big do pseudos get?
As for rostrum not much else could be done , too water worn... But saved from the sea 😁
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Rob, how much is the entry fee for visiting your North Yorkshire Coast Fossils Museum? 😎
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Hi Estwing 😂😂
My wife  Goes mad and say Im turning the house in to a museum. I just switch the selective hearing on and carry on tapping 🤪
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Beautiful finds! love that rostrum - almost like a natural cross section!
The good thing about bones is they never run away
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Brill finds, Does the rostrum have a nice cross section at the ends?
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5C53DD72-1947-454D-AA2A-EDF551973D00.jpeg  View from the end
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