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My son and i were exploring in portugal (Atouguia Da Baleia) and found the below bones.  For context, the area where these were discovered used to be ocean side more than 500 years ago however the water rescinded and is now a couple kms away.

The area was known for whales and whale hunting although i suspect that these are far too small to be from a whale.

Any help for curious minds would be super appreciated.

Thanks! Click image for larger version - Name: Bones.jpg, Views: 76, Size: 1.60 MB
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Brittle Star
Any chance of a clearer photo, close up if possible.

 Never ask a star fish for directions
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Hmm... im not much of an expert and only recently have been starting to look for and getting fossils, but it looks like as if it might be a creature's vertebrae, or perhaps some sort of plant life. 
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or perhaps they could be some sort of large whale teeth... if possible, what kind of whales existed there?
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They are phalanges (toe bones) of a large ungulate (deer ?), probably historic or modern.
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I agree with Andrasz - modern bones.
Colin Huller
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