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Fossil hunter
The three ammonites are Dactylioceras,the second picture possibly part of Phylloceras ammonite and the last a phragmacone of a belemnite.
Others might correct me if I am wrong but that's my thoughts.
Nice finds!
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A few recent finds from Kettleness. Im having difficulty identifying two of the fossils.

One is very large and heavily pyritised. The other piece looked like an ammonite  but now I am not so sure as it has a different shape and structure. Looking around the only thing I can find that's even remotely similar is the back end of an Eocarcinus praecurser crab. It looks very similar to a lobster tail or large prawn.

Any help would be appreciated.




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Hello, I agree with fossilhunter; the Dactylioceras on the left looks like a Tenuicostatum nodule;  I would need a better photo to be sure...

greetings, Bert

the search is as valuable as the finds...
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Thanks for the replies.

Much appreciated.

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