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Hi Martin,
I agree with Roger and Jason, I'm afraid...
Anywhere for little ammonites, twice as far for big ones!
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I've been at the Dinosaur coast (Kettleness) and I've stumbled across this interesting item which I believe is an insect. I would love to hear your opinion as I'm a fossil hunter greenhorn :)

It seems to have a "head region" in the lower part of Picture 1 and in left part of Picture 2 with two wings protruding backwards from this. 
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Picture from the other side with "head region" to the left.DSC_00301.JPG 
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dac dave

looks like a piece of worn ammonite



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Correction to my first post, "head region" is seen in the right side on picture 2 not left one
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It is a piece of ammonite in a worn concretion. Sorry, no insect. You'd never find them 3d anyway even if you were so lucky as to find one in those layers.
Best wishes from the Lake of Constance. Roger.
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Hi Nanotech
Unfortunately it's a small piece of a water worn ammonite, the calcite is visible which was under its shell inside the chambers....
I don't know if insects are found there....
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