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Peter Ryder
Greetings, my first post
Have been making sporadic pilgrimages to Kettleness for the last half century, ever year or so - went last Tuesday, walking in from Runswick, but found it far poorer than ever before. Has it been picked clean? There was a lot more sand, but the exposed stones had far fewer fossils in than ever before. On a winter visit about twenty years ago I found the whole beach littered with ammonites.... how can it differ so much.
Did find a couple of little Dacs and one species I am not familar with (not that I am familiar with very many). Is it an Amaltheus? (piccy attached)

Peter Ryder

Click image for larger version - Name: Mystery ammonite red.jpg, Views: 62, Size: 1.07 MB
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That’s a very weird ammonite, Peter...
My first assumption would be that it’s a very pathological Pleuroceras, but I’d really like to see
a keel picture and a picture form the other side (even if it’s covered with matrix)

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Hello, indeed a weird ammonite; could this be a Hildaites with pathology, I wonder?

greetings, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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I was told that one of the commercial "pickers" has been concentrating on the Port. It doesn't take those guys long to vacuum up anything worthy.

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Peter Ryder
I am afraid the other side is hopeless - largely worn away.  I spotted the fossil as little more than an outline on a waterworn pebble and was pleasurably surprised when she hopped off the rock in response to a tap alongside. I am sure she is little more than the inner whorls of a bigger beast. Because of this there is no keel detail left, sad.

As regards professionals, a friend saw a van parked at the Kettleness cliff top recently emblazoned with some fossil collectors logo.... it's now just happy memories

Peter Ryder
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