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That is beautiful piece :) good find on your first hunt

Happy hunting ! :)
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David Sheffield
Here we go again, trying to upload a photo of my recent find (1st from 1st trip).  This is obviously an Ammonite covered in part by fools gold.  But how do I go about cleaning this.  It seems to be soft clay in parts covering the fossil but what about the rock?




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Hello David,
Not bad for your debut hunt! Mine was a 20 mm sea urchin spine (broken) from the upper chalk, not nearly as impressive as yours!

Firstly you must soak it in tap water, changing it several times over several days to remove any salt. This will also soften any clay matrix which you can remove with a stiffish brush/a pointed object / knife / whatever you can find. then dry it out slowly and finally bruch off any loose material and coat it with something that will keep air & moisture out because of the pyrite. As to what you use in this case doesn't matter too much. nail varnish, hairspray, PVA, varnish, Paraloid - you name it, theyve all been use by someone to delay pyrite decay!

sorry, as for genus I'm rubbish at IDing ammonites!


Colin Huller
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Hi guys, probably a chunk of Paracoroniceras lyra. I have a virtually identical chunk which I found on Monmouth Beach. I cleaned up one side & polished the water worn side to highlight the chambers. Complete ones are a rarity (apparently) lol.


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