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That is one big mother of a ammonite very nice to see and admire but what a shame you had to leave it behind.


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Hi all....came across this in situ at low tide a couple of days ago at Seaford was at least 3ft across...

I found another,just slightly smaller,at Peacehaven the week before,in a loose boulder,but didn't have a camera that day,it took all my strength to turn the bloody thing over,let alone try & carry it a mile down the beach to the nearest unfortunately had to leave it behind for the sea...

(Note to self.... must pack the donkey in the rucksack next time.)

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That's one big ammonite. Never heard of the genus before, so I've just looked  Parapuzosia up - estimated live weight of around 1400kg - you can imagine my jaw dropping as I read that. Not sure about a donkey. Perhaps you'd need a JCB in that rucksack?
Finally found bone[biggrin]
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