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Cool Running
Went for  a  Walk  down  Lavernock, Looking  for  any more Verts popping  out  Cliff,  but nope,  patience required..!

Decided  to  walk  along  lower  water,   found a  few  bits at  the  Point.
tooth, Poor  bits  Bone...

[77_B40961-45_F1-497_A-_BA45-2567_C7_EC7_B83]  [9_F9591_F6-8_B56-41_F4-9_BD8-46_A6_D2397_D40]  [CD42615_E-3_A11-4_B3_E-95_C8-0_B01_AA1180_FF] 
Also Picked  up a  Ithy Vert,  always happy  to  find any  verts..!
[DF743_AB6-_A65_B-4645-8_BBF-7315737944_B8]  [70_B07805-5730-4_FDE-901_A-73_DDD675_C6_F0] 
Found a  few  Fishing  Leads,  So  gave  them  to a  fisherman, who  seen  down,  there  quite  a  few  times,  Love  chatting  to  Anyone  lol

All   good  stuff.  and  You never  know what  you  find [wink]

Still  waiting  for   feedback  on  a  Potential Dino vert, Even  if its  Plesi or  Croc,  still  a  nice  find,  few  weeks  back,  searched  the  area  a  few  times,  still  waiting  [wink]  for  more  to  expose itself [smile]

Safe fossiling,  or  are  we  Modern Day Paleontologists 


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