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Matthew Myerscough

Hi all,

Vertebra found yesterday at Lavernock point - can't decide if it's Ichthyosaur or Plesiosaur!

It's 70mm diameter, 25mm thick at thickest point (but well worn on underside).  No sign of any foramen.

Doesn't appear to be as concave as some of the Ichthy verts I've seen, so I'm guessing Plesiosaur, but I don't really know.

Many thanks


20190831_173604.jpg  20190831_173457.jpg  20190831_173524.jpg  20190831_173515.jpg 

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Hello Matthew, this is Ichthyosaur.                                                  Plesiosaur
Imagea.jpg                      Imageb.jpg 

Yours is an Ichthyosaur.
Colin Huller
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Matthew Myerscough
Hi Colin,

Great, many thanks for confirmation and the diagrams!

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