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Matthew Myerscough
Hi all

First fossil trip out for me since lockdown, cycled down to Lavernock yesterday and wasn't dissapointed!

20200606_192731.jpg  In above photo:

Front row, left to right
1 - Ichthyosaur vertebra
2 - Plesiosaur vertebra
3 - Plesiosaur vertebra

Back row, left to right
4 - remains of vertebra, probably Ichthyosaur (found under wheel of my bike when I went to leave!)
5 - double shell
6 - unknown bone in matrix, looks to me like vertebra

Extra photos of fossils below (in no particular order)

20200606_192551.jpg  20200606_192340.jpg 
(in below pic is that flaky bit of rock in the middle a part of the bone outer layer, or just rock to be carefully removed?)
20200607_183009.jpg  20200607_183057.jpg  20200607_183112.jpg    
Also found the below bone today walking on beach at Penarth - not sure what bone it is / what it's from exactly.


20200607_182744.jpg  20200606_192313.jpg 
Thanks for interest.  I've been plenty of times to Lavernock and come away with nothing.  Couldn't decide if yesterday I was just lucky, or if fossils have been building up as people haven't been able to get there recently?  I always assumed there were so many rocks on the beaches that away from places like Lyme Regis, number of collectors didn't really impact my chances of finding fossils.

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Dirty Pete
That's an impressive haul for one outing Matthew. Been there a few times but never got lucky. 

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Matthew Myerscough
Thanks Pete, yes normally I don't find too much. Seems to be a bit hit and miss at Lavernock. Hoping to get back to Aust before too long.
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Hi Matthew, I'm pretty certain that the bivalve is Plagiostoma ?sp. P. giganteum the most common around there.
Colin Huller
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Matthew Myerscough
Great thanks for the info Colin, thought there must be a better name for it than double shell!
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What a great haul...lucky you
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Gerald Gibson
Awesome.  On one field trip you found all that?  That's awesome!  My son Matthew is a fossil hound too.
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Matthew Myerscough
Thanks guys, yes just a lucky day really!  Have been back a few times since and found a couple more bits.  I'm not sure about the first one below, could it be a paddle bone from an Ichthyosaur?  I'm confident it's not a vert.  There is a notch at one side of it.  Found it in the next bay round from Lavernock, St Mary's Well bay (by caravan park).  I don't recognise the very dark rock it is in.  Also other indentations in rock.
20200628_084033.jpg  20200628_084057.jpg  Inked3OS-Ichthyosaur-paddle-Lydekker_LI.jpg    

Few other bits below, remains of a large Ichthyosaur vert, and also remains of a Plesiosaur vert, both found at Lavernock point.

20200628_084256.jpg  20200628_084223.jpg  20200628_084233.jpg 
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Gerald Gibson
Right on Matthew!  Your photos and diagram are well done!
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