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Hi Guys,

Thanks for your help with the bone.

I think we may have also found a couple of sponges at Lee-on-Solent. Is anyone able to help with ID please?

Many thanks,
D&D Click image for larger version - Name: 5852DD8D-F975-46A4-B1AF-08620EA08229.jpeg, Views: 48, Size: 452.91 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 5362EFEC-CA79-4CA5-BE24-C1CD67200154.jpeg, Views: 46, Size: 497.85 KB Click image for larger version - Name: D7ABA049-42E5-4ECC-82C8-B6846BD98063.jpeg, Views: 38, Size: 532.63 KB
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Hi,  yes these look like sponges derived from the flint bands of the chalk. I can't say for sure, but the one on the left looks like a Ventriculites or a Poroshaera and the one on the rght looks like a broken off Siphonia. They are aaround 70 - 90 million years old.
Colin Huller
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Been offline for the past couple of days but thank you so much for your response Colin, really helpful!
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