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I don't know if anyone has even heard of this place as it is not well known even in Lisbon but, what a gem of a museum.

We went recently. It is a proper old fashioned museum, not a dumbed down childrens visitor centre that almost all other museums have become these days.

Brachiosaur bones everywhere, including a massive row of verts that run the length of one of the wings!

For the 5euro entry fee, it is a real must do if you find yourself in portugal!
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Barrow Museum
I completely agree.  It is worth the trouble to find (following small signs through a maze of alleyways in central Lisbon).  The displays, in gallery layout, are traditional and do not pander to the modern dumbing-down too often encountered these days.  An excellent selection, particularly of Mesozoic from Portugal including many dinosaur bones, taxonomic and time-based exhibits and even several old monograph plate LisbonGeologyMuseum1.jpg  LisbonGeologyMuseum3.jpg  LisbonGeologyMuseum2.jpg  s with the original figured specimens on show.
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A proper museum! I hope you are the same? BTW I didn't know museums were computer literate [biggrin]
Colin Huller
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Brittle Star
I have never encountered a dumbed down museum. Could you give examples.

 Never ask a star fish for directions
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