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Matthew Myerscough
Hi all,

A few photos from yesterday at Llantwit Major in South Wales.  Welcome any comments and help with identification, many thanks!

This first one looks a bit like a tree, central spine with frond / leaf type structures either side on raised platform above surrounding bedrock. 

The main spine seems to be at least partially made up of fossilised molluscs / gryphea.


The fronds of the tree are quite well defined in the below pictures.


Close up photo of the central spine structure below - it's not too clear on this photo but I could make out shell type structures when I was actually there


Another angle on the tree


This next fossil again looks a bit like a tree trunk, except it doesn't have the fronds either side like the previous fossil. 

Also, the molluscs / gryphea where much more defined here.  No idea how this was formed - one theory we had was a tree was washed out / fell into the water and attracted molluscs and then the whole lot became fossilised?



Here is a close up picture of the molluscs which make up the above fossil along the full length


Next fossil was something much smaller!  Could this be the stem of a crinoid?  I noticed the diagonal banding on the 'stem', but also the rougher patch at the top right of the fossil which appeared to have the texture of bone.


Last fossil I thought might be a small shard of bone?  Appeared to have similar structure to the bone found on Saturday (see other post on Icthyosaur) and also was located nearby.


And a closer picture


Thanks for your interest if you've got this far!


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