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This fossil was found on the east coast of Hayling Island (Hampshire) in an area of beach where pieces of Harwich Formation outcrop. Also found are piece of Bognor Rock which have been brought here by long shore drift.  

The piece of rock I found had two echinoid fossils on it. The first is shown below - it is 6cm in length. 

DSC03939.jpg  The second fossil was within a piece of rock about 2 cm thick and 6 cm in length. This piece split to show the echinoid below. 



I found an old book on the web which stated that Hemiaster and Schizaster are the most common echinoids in the London Clay. Also, I think that London Clay is at the top of the range for Micraster. 

I realise the specimen is not easy to interpret but does anyone any idea of what this echinoid may be. My knowledge of London Clay echinoids is about zero so any help would be much appreciated. 

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