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Hello, I see a shark`s tooth: Hexanchus sp., a molar(?) goat or sheep, a mammal bone and a mammal tooth, possibly front tooth horse.
All from the same location?

greets, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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Looks like you've nailed I.D for the jaw;😉 I think the molar is a bit small for a goat or sheep at about 9mm?  The jawbone/teeth, molar and bone are from the London Clay outcrop at Creeksea, nr Burnham on Crouch, but the large tooth is from Bradwell on Sea. I've found a Crustacean fossil at Bradwell before, but looks to be in a different coloured rock than the ones I have found at Creeksea. Would the rock at Bradwell be the same as at Mersea, across the River Blackwater?
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