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Found today at Lyme Regis- a nice crinoid (I think!). Also various ammonites (mostly partial). Click image for larger version - Name: 92CB7BF1-9545-4CF5-BBE6-355B325C68F6.jpeg, Views: 118, Size: 2.38 MB Click image for larger version - Name: 6BCF7B13-D7A6-4AE3-9BE0-47CE2A0FCCF0.jpeg, Views: 112, Size: 1.88 MB Click image for larger version - Name: D93667D5-BCB3-4563-AD9A-5E77AFFF329D.jpeg, Views: 94, Size: 2.21 MB Click image for larger version - Name: BB0B393B-2C32-47EB-ABCE-E8D3F935FA49.jpeg, Views: 90, Size: 2.40 MB
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Hello Nieil, what a superb crinoid 'plate'! It might not be very big, but it's perfectly formed as they say! Probablt Pentacrinites fossilis, but I can't see any odd ossicles in cross section! If you were to get this prepped it would look even better - a stunning specimen, well spotted.
Colin Huller
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WOW! that is one of the luckiest finds I have ever seen found by anyone in Lyme Regis, Congratulations! [smile]
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Great and very lucky find [smile]
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