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wow nice tooth man! i got a mammoth tuck piece but no where as big as that
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Hi All, thought it would be worth sharing this with you. Found on the beach at Brook on the Isle of Wight at the end of last year walking. It was very fragile and becoming more brittle as it dried so I have just soaked it in paraloid resin and I'm really pleased with the results. Anyone know anything about aging? mammoth spp? thanks Jonmammoth1.jpg mammoth2.jpg mammoth3.jpg 
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Hello Jon, nice find the age would be Devensian which is a cold stage in the Pleistocene . A few have been found on the Isle of Wight .

The Ace of Spades,,,

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nice tooth Jon.
down amongst the stones.
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Wow, what a spectacular find!
Andrew Marsh
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great gnasher!
Colin Huller
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