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Spent half hour here on the way back from Bridlington. Grabbed a couple of finds.

1. Echinoid (Sadly squashed but it is our first one so we can live with it)
P1080079.jpg  P1080080.jpg       P1080083.jpg   P1080085.jpg 

2 Bivalve
P1080086.jpg  P1080087.jpg  P1080088.jpg  P1080089.jpg  P1080090.jpg 
3 Small Bivalve. Matrix has high mica content, very glittery or as the little one says "it looks like unicorn poo"
  P1080098.jpg  P1080100.jpg 

4 Unknown. Stands out due to the symmetry.
P1080091.jpg  P1080093.jpg  P1080096.jpg 
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Unicorns eat glitter???
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