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Hi folks,

I attach four pics of a possible marine fossil from the Ringland Hills area west of Norwich.

It's roughly 6cms long, 5.5cms at its widest and roughly 2.5cms at its thickest. I found a number of other fossils - plant matter in flint, various shells and possible jet, in the same area. None of them seem native to the hillside locality. I'll will post pics of them another time. 

I would be glad to know what this find is and if anyone knows where to find info on the Ringland Hills I would be grateful for a link or two. I have looked online: all I have found is one reference on Wikipedia baldly stating that the hills are a glacial terminal moraine.

Thanks in advance for any opinions,

Alan DSC_7907.jpg  DSC_7895.jpg  DSC_7898.jpg  DSC_7899.jpg
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It looks like an eroded sponge, probably from a flint nodule which often contain sponges
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Gary W
I agree another fossil sponge preserved in flint.
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Thanks, folks!
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