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Many thanks P King and Ophthalmosaur. 

Having compared the vert with a few of my other "definite" icthyosaur vertebra I think you are right. 

It was  the size that threw me, as I haven't found one quite as big to date.

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Had a couple of finds this weekend whilst fishing in Dorset.

I found this Friday, it is quite a chunky section of rib, I don't think its an icthyosaur, maybe plesiosaur or possibly pliosaur?

Out again today and I found this bone fragment, I've no idea what sort of bone it is but don't think its a rib, possibly a limb bone?

And then this, a very well preserved vertebra, plesiosaur I think, shame it isn't complete.

So quite a successful weekend fossiling, shame the fishing wasn't much cop :-(

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Don't seem to be able edit my own post , this should have been included above rather than the duplicated photos:

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P King Chef
Hi Redbill and welcome to the forum.

First pic possible section of ichthyosaur jaw, the slight grove is where the teeth would have sat.
The vert again looks ichthy, does it look like a bow tie or butterfly in cross section? If so then it's ichthy.

The other piece of bone, can't help on that.

At work I have to make a lot of sacrifices.
It's one of the benefits of being a Druid.
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Ammo Al 2
Lovely finds ..were they found on monmouth beach if they were i think i have the other half of that vert
If i hit it one more time it will come out perfect...bugger !
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Found near kimmeridge ammo Al so not the same bone I'm afraid.

P king, if u look closely at the Rock in the first picture you can see the parallel imprints of two other bones exactly the same as the fragment that was embedded so pretty sure it's a rib, I've got lots of similar icthyosaur and plesiosaur rib fragments but not quite so chunky and long...but then again I may well be wrong, I'm only just a beginner.
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I believe: 1) ichthyosaur dorsal rib section and partial early caudal vertebra (Ophthalmosaurus or Brachypterygius, not diagnostic) 2) plesiosaur rib section.

Nice finds. Obviously there is much more where the ichthy. rib section came out (as you say from the marks of other ribs in the clay) so worth a good hunt around.


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