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Here's a piece of the Toarcian marlstone rock bed I found in a spoil heap at a local building site in north Oxfordshire last week. I'm wondering if the part I've exposed is bone? Its shape reminds me of a partial limb bone from a small marine reptile - a humerus or femur perhaps? As you can see it has a worn marine worm tube on it so presumably its been rolled around the seabed for a while.

Then again, maybe I'm just over-thinking a pebble!

MRB1.jpg  MRB2.jpg  MRB3.jpg 
Thanks in advance,
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Dirty Pete
Hi Tony,
From the pics your bone seems to exhibit similar textures and colours (iron staining) to the enclosing rock. Can you see any fibrosity or spongy texture with it in hand?
If not I wouldn't hold out much hope for it being bone...but the shape is very bone like.
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Image c .jpg 

Cropped and enlarged, I can't see the 'bone structure' I'm afraid.
Colin Huller
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