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my children and i enjoy days at beach swimmming/fossil hunting.
after lockdown was lifted we visited the beach and i suspect we have a wonderful collection of fossils from bone carvings, petrified wood carvings many stone age tools sharks teeth seaweed sculptures crab claw carvings birds skull carving many many work in progress fossils to uncover i have tried to research harwich fossils and i seriously think harwich has thousands upon thousends of fossils the tide raws up the beach what was an area of stones within 5 mins can be covered with sand, suddenly in shallow water my youngest daughter uncovers a very rare object maybe a fish?   20200803_103736.jpg  20200803_103823.jpg  20200803_103806.jpg  20200803_103642.jpg  20200803_103951.jpg 
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I am not familiar with the site but I can say with absolute certainty that this is not a fossil fish.
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Weald on Bed
What you have there is a lump of foundry slag (waste product from iron smelting). No fish.
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