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hi! im super new to fossil finding so this image is very unlikely to be a fossil but i thought id double check just to be sure, and to refine my fossil finding skills for the future. i found this rock on the knap beach in south wales and thought it looked pretty cool and took a photo, unfortunately without a scale as i only joined the forum after the discovery (however from now on ill be sure to carry a ruler with me on all trips out).  Click image for larger version - Name: 80D98FF7-9EE7-499B-9977-6C61E042B2F3.jpeg, Views: 44, Size: 476.70 KB Click image for larger version - Name: AB4C66D8-62E2-402E-B275-746C0DA5DD4A.jpeg, Views: 42, Size: 383.06 KB
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Barrow Museum
Yes, you have found some fossil material, in a mudstone cobble. Considering the geology of where it was found, I'd suggest it is Early Jurassic in age (almost 200 million years old).  The larger fossils look like bivalve shells and the smaller ones just showing might be the same, or brachiopods.  In any case, I'd be inclined to crack it on the edge with a hammer to split the piece as you might be lucky to expose some good shelly fossils that have not been bashed around on the beach..  Believe me, there's plenty more to be found of superb quality where you are looking, both in Lower Jurassic and Carboniferous rocks.  Consult a geological map to determine what is what in the cliffs and wave-cut platforms. 
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