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Hi i use a stereo for insect id i use it sometimes for viewing fossils. mine has zoom range 7 to 32 and would not be  without the zoom. dont worry about built in lighting its never good enoegh and as for mag most of the time i use between 7 and 12 for viewing fossils  i use it at 30x for viewing  fossils about the size of a grain of sand and smaller. as for changing the eyepieces i was warned not to do this to often dust gets in, with a zoom no need to change ! Most of the better makes have the boom arm option for most of there stereo microscopes. you get what you pay for Meiji techno are good lots of options

            As for prepping fossils the microscopes worst enemy is dust i would think that clay/rock particles could clog up a microscope quickly if care wasnt taken, the manufacturer should be able to advise.
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Wondering what kind of microscope do you use for prepping?
If you are using a microscope in the first place.....



Although I have been prepping fossils for quite some years, most experience is with chalk.

So hand prepping I know.... air tools are new to me.

With the airtools also a renewed interest in Devonian fossils is born.

Unfortunately devonian trilobites from "my"region, means prepping under a microscope is a pre!!

So I'm looking into microscopes and could use your opinion on what scopes are ok, what specs do you definately need.


I have my mind set on a ... not sure how to translate this... 

freestanding stereomicroscope??

basically a normal stereomicroscope but it isn't mounted on a big plate, it is mounted on a free standing arm.

You can swing it anywhere you want and especially handy when you're prepping a fossil in a decent sized rock. You don't need to cut the rock down to size, so it will fit under your scope.

price range 250euro to 3000+

Brand is a big factor, but also the options... more options means more money


I'm just not sure how big of a magnification does one need for prepping <0.5cm fossils

Is a zoom function a must have or a nice to have, switching oculairs or objectives should also do the trick?

The lighting..... how much needed

etc etc







In the process of looking for a microscope I also stumbled upon

Digital microscopes

Does anybody have experience with those? Are they just a fun toy or could you use em for prepping.

They claim to be 1.3 or 2mp camera's, 10-200times magnification and they have a ringlight (LED)

Price makes me think they are just for intended for fun... 25-80euro??


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