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Bobo the bear
Hi Clare,
don't know what they are like but looks like they prepare their own here....see link

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I'm trying to find a UK supplier for microslides, like the ones that UKGE used to sell.  Celka (Poland) have a nice gallery of the range (but no online shop):

I know that many microfossil enthusiasts make their own microslides but I really love these - managed to grab a few before UKGE ran out.  Can anybody suggest a supplier here, or recommend a supplier in the EU? 

Many thanks!

(apologies for posting here but the forum won't let me post in 'hints and tips')
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I contacted UKGE about this in July and Alister wrote back:

"The manufacturer who produced these ceased trading
sadly, we are however in the middle of trying to manufacturer these
ourselves, but the tooling and moulding will take several more months
before we can start our own production.
" hopefully not too long to wait.


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hiya ,I take it the microscope slides are 2mm thick glass or 3mm,if so find you nearest glaziers that sells glass over the counter and get them to cut up some ///the glass is often refered too as dutch lites or greenhouse/horticultural glass .I work for a large double glazing manufacturer ,so that's what I use ..a 2ft x 2ft sheet cut into strips would cost you no more than ƒâ€š‚£5.00..
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Thanks for your responses.

Brian, I asked UKGE in May and got pretty much the same answer, except they couldn't give any idea of how long it would take.  Guess I'll just have to be patient!

Gandalf, I think you're describing something different, my fault - I've seen various names for these kinds of slides and may not have chosen the best one.  I have glass slides, my problem is constructing a mount/container that provides a total seal and super-clean edges to protect loose microfossil specimens, and doesn't distort my view of them. 

Many thanks

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hi have you tried Brunei microscopes they have a web site same name also gx microscopes may have them there is a good article on making your own on the fossil in their micropaloentology section

many look but never see
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Sorry meant Brunel
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many look but never see
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Happy to report that I found an EU-based supplier - posting here in case it helps anybody else.

They are - and they sell a wide variety of slide layouts.  I emailed them an order for a quote, payed with PayPal and the slides were dispatched promptly, arriving 6 days later. 

They're not as good quality as the lovely slides UKGE used to sell but they are reasonably priced and better quality than I could make myself. Overall very happy with my purchase and would use them again. 

I ordered 22 slides which, with postage and packing (9,3E) came to 47,50 Euros (Slovakia to UK mainland).  
Now I just have to acquire the steadiness of hand and infinite patience necessary to mount my microfossils! 

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