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Here's more bits that i've found again I apologise for the poor quality of the photographs , the first one I assume is some sort of sponge I found it in a farmers field in Stevenage.P1010058.jpg  number 2 was found in the same field.
P1010061.jpg  number 3 was found in hertford It looks like there are crab like claws on the underside
P1010065.jpg  P1010066.jpg  number 2  below sorry photos are all jumbledP1010062.jpg  P1010063.jpg  number 1 below again sorry the photos are all jumbledP1010059.jpg  P1010060.jpg    number 4 found in essendon

P1010068.jpg  P1010069.jpg  P1010070.jpg  P1010071.jpg  number 5 found in hertford the pattern on the flint looks and feels almost like fish skin and is slightly raised looks very delicate so have only rinsed it, any tips on cleaning it up would be appreciated

P1010072.jpg  number 6  P1010076.jpg  P1010077.jpg  P1010078.jpg  P1010080.jpg  P1010081.jpg  P1010082.jpg  sorry number 5 below again P1010073.jpg  P1010074.jpg  P1010075.jpg  and finally number 7 P1010083.jpg  P1010084.jpg  P1010085.jpg
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1 - flint sponge
2 - Manganese oxide mineral deposit
3 - Inoceramus bivalve - will resume tomorrow morning - sorry
Colin Huller
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